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Butterflies And Paratroopers Are Not Born With Wings

A Woman's Warrior Guide to Being Happy, Joyous, and Free

A Recovery Guide For Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Overeaters, Codependents, or Whatever

This is not a regurgitated self-help recovery book.

1.     It’s funny.

2.     It’s one of a kind.

3.     It’s an operator’s manual.

It trains alcoholics, drug addicts, overeaters, codependents, and whoever else has an addictive personality with a smidge of OCD or dusting of ADHD how to operate the most complex, prone to breakdown, out-of-warranty piece of equipment ever made—that’s you.

With an iron fist in a velvet glove, the persona of a First Sergeant trains a butterfly to be a paratrooper. “We used to think one way, and now we think another.” Developing a new philosophy requires clarity of thought. And clarity of thought comes from knowing who you are? Why you are like that? And why it’s important to change?

Using amusing “girl-snippets”, and “recovery war stories", Milo connects real life trials and tribulations with spirituality, sobriety, sanity, and serenity. You’ll quickly see the similarities between twelve-step recovery programs and the army. They both take anybody and have a wrench to fit every nut that walks through the door. It takes a thousand nuts to build an automobile, but only one to smash it to bits. Be you alcoholic, drug addict, overeater, codependent or whatever, this book will not only solve that problem; it will train you how to live life on life terms one day at a time.

If you are ready; the time is right. Put your jump boots on ladies, you’re going to Jump School.

I am; therefore, I worry.


Alchonyism (al-con-ee-ism) A made-up word or phrase, which like so many of our excuses, means nothing.

The only plan the army has; is to change the plan. The serendipity of this book is to keep you focused in the moment, so you don’t go “big picture”. We alcoholics don’t think linear; we think in planes and spirals. We see it this way or that way. Then we’re all over the place. The only way out is to adopt a new philosophy.

"We used to think one way, and now we think another."

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